Mexico-Dec 12  to Jan 9

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December 12   Refugio, Texas to Victoria, Mexico

Border Mexico side

Matamoros, border town

Pretty peaceful all the way to Victoria

We are staying at the Sierra Gorda


December 13  Victoria 

We bought bananas and avocados

our fancy sink :-)

Back entrance of our hotel


December 14    Still in Victoria

We're looking for a restaurant

Lots of stores

It looked ok, but the food was bad

This is the plaza in front of our hotel


December 15   Victoria to Mexico City ...A very long and foggy drive!

The small villages by the road look so peaceful

so many speed bumps!

we drove for hours through the fog

and hours and hours

when finally started lifting

we were surrounded by rocks, no more quaint hamlets

Sunset in Pachuca, almost arriving in Mexico City

dark and foggy in mexico city, we can't see anything again


December 16   Arriving in Mexico City exhausted stayed at the first hotel we found

anywhere was good enough

uplifting sign :-(

where are the shelves?

purple night table to go with red walls

the subway is perfect, and the city is



Montezuma Revenge ai ai ai ai ai

December 17  Recovering from Montezuma.

Short walk to the plaza

Oh no! More American movies!!

Sunrise! After a sleepless night!!


..December 18  Sundays, everything the city is very quiet. A day for ourselves...

Our rubber tree at the corner

Our window

Our fancy reception area

And Kevin, the hotel mascot

Our Internet Cafe

Our parking lot, closed too...


December 19   Mexico City is amazing... We just love this place... 

Lots of monuments...

and gigantic palm trees

and things on the sidewalk

and large bells...

and the CN Tower?...


December 20   We spent the day in the Historic  Centre of Mexico City. A day of wows!

Wow! The atrium...

and the murals, another wow!

Now we are tired...

One more wow for the cup!!

Wow for the x-mas decorations??

Wow for the natives...

Wow! The National Palace

Wow for the Cathedral

Wow for the sidewalks...


December 21   A day of not much, just eating, shopping and the zoo

A camel

lots of trees

and a hippopotamus


December 22   Anthropology, more anthropology, gigantic fountains and cows on the sidewalk... 

A really big head...

Sarita, Jonathan and Mark

Mayans or Aztecs??

At least they are happy...

Gigantic fountain

One of many cows!! Great day!!


December 23   Coyoacan, south of Mexico City, absolutely beautiful!

The old buildings,

the quiet streets,

the beautiful windows

the colours,

the ivy,

the cobbles stones,

the je ne sais quoi!!!

The doors,

the street markets,

the old, old trees,

the parks,

and the flowers!


All so superkalifragilistic.

Adios Mexico City, we love  you!!

December 24    From Mexico City to Oaxaca City, a long, long way.

Easy to travel road through mountains, some covered in snow,
Why did I take this picture?? After hours of the same... we arrived to our hotel.

 In the evening we watched the Christmas parade and the fire works.

December 25   From Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido. UP

In the morning we visited Monte Alban, the ancient capital of the Zapotecas
 It is an amazing archeological site near Oaxaca.
More than 2000 years old. Their buildings  are impressive
and we can feel the weight of history throughout the site.
Lots of stairs to climb and good walks from building to building.

After so much history...we drove to Puerto Escondido, on the Pacific coast.

More mountains, lots of dangerous curves and falling rocks...

December 26  Walk with me to the beach

Out of the hotel straight ahead turn left
turn right nice grass cute kid
down the steps almost there Ah! Lots of space left
But the sun goes down so fast, time to go back up...  

December 27   Around Hotel Nayar, Puerto Escondido UP

View from our window looking over the roof 200m from the nearest beach
Just to the right: The pharmacy, the bank machine

the laundromat,

the clothes "boutique" and...drum-roll.... my new dress!!

December 28   One more day in Puerto Escondido


more beach

and plastic...

December 29   From Puerto Escondido to Playa Ventura

Not much traffic,

some vehicles were slow

almost there...

It was very quiet,

and friendly,

the cooks were happy,

The neighbour's house,

the restaurant

and the beautiful sea.

December 30   From Playa Ventura to Puerto Marques

Jonathan inside the pool...

December 31  Acapulco: Hello/goodbye

Lots of people sunbathing,

lots of buildings,

very crowded.

The restaurants are nice, artistic, and peaceful.
Great sunset, geared for tourism, very safe.

January 1   Someone told me that there was a market behind the Zocalo.

The market spreads out for blocks and blocks, and it is really crowded,
but you can find anything you need or want, and the prices are amazing...

January 2   Sightseeing day, again...The Metro is the best mode of transport...

Especially if you are women or children! Near the Zocalo I found

beautiful old churches,

quiet streets, plants that grow everywhere, great walls,
great statues, peaceful corners, and dogs wearing shirts??

January 3  To plant and protect urban trees is an art that the Mexicans have mastered.

The enormous pollution that hangs over the outskirts of Mexico City
 cannot be felt from within, because the city is protected by a great canopy of trees.
Some of the cars are getting smart too...    

January 4   Jonathan and Sarita left this morning, so I went looking for a Post Office

Back to Curacao! Could that building be the Post Office? Or maybe this door...
Or this  pink place... I asked them for directions, and it is!!!

January 5  Mexico City: "Great to stay, difficult to get out"

The city was behind a wall of pollution. We drove for more than 2 hours   trying to find our way out.
We tried asking...but who? We tried following the signs, we tried following the water truck...
Finally...the highway... jammed solid!! because of a truck had lost its trailer and there was a crazy building too...
Ah! Cordoba Mark can go back to work, and I can show you the lights...

January 6   Main hall...Cordoba has the best food in Mexico!

Lots of tiles, everywhere...

January 7  Cordoba to Chetumal. Great roads.

We rose with the sun and drove eastward for ever and ever...

PS: The pictures are dark because it was dark...

January 8   Chetumal was flattened by Hurricane Janet in 1955  and probably redesigned by someone really boring...

Pretty bay but smelly and really boring, really, really boring,
Two hours later...still really boring! "I can't take it anymore!!"  

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