Honduras-Jan 28 to Feb 4-April 1 to 4


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January 28   To cross the border was a pleasure. Friendly and helpful people. No paranoia there...

Guatemala - Honduras border 15 minutes on the highway, to Copan Ruinas
A beautiful little town, well kept and very green. Our room.

January 29   The beautiful but sad ruins of Copan.

The Mayans built until there were no trees left. They did not understand
that nature always bats last!!

January 30   Tela, Honduras, a good place to rest, nothing much to do...

The main street, the way to the sea, and the sandy beach

January 31   Our hotel in Tela  looks like

it was designed by Escher.

February 1   Driving to Trujillo

Five hours of plantation after plantation

finally Trujillo by the sea.

February 2   A very quiet day in Trujillo

Three chickens enjoying the sunset beside a restaurant built with wood and rope.

February 3   Driving to Comoayagua, not for the faint of heart...

First the animals crossing very slowly and some didn't make it...
the January floods made the road look like a lake and the many land slides
frequently turned the road into mud and the sink holes often took half the road away.

February 4   From Comoayagua, Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua

Driving through Tegucigalpa,

through the border behind many polluting trucks.


On the way back to Canada - April 1 to 4

April 1   Comoyagua, Honduras

Nothing has changed since February 3    

April 2   To Gracias, Honduras

Through dusty roads and small towns like La Esperanza

April 3   Gracias, Honduras. The view from our room

And I think I have been eating too much fruit...

April 4   Copan, Honduras, see January 29