Mexico-April 16 to May 4


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April 16  Tulum, Mexico.  Papaya Beach is for naturalists.

The "hotel" our hut the solitude

April 17   Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Large town construction everywhere  

April 18   Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Still recovering from from the last hurricane  

April 19-22   Puerto Morelos, Mexico. More photos in a couple of days...

April 23-24   Because we are four now, we've rented an apartment on the beach.

The location

the coolers

and the great sink.

April 25-26   Cancun is still recovering from the last hurricane.

Reconstruction everywhere. but the sea is as beautiful as always. smile!

April 27/30   More Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

Playa del Carmen Ferry to Cozumel Spewing pollution
Cozumel lost some of its beaches. re-sanding by hand tree by tree.

May 1-2   Tulum, the last day and it was...


really beautiful

and happy!

May 3   Merida

Just passing through!!!



May 4 - 5   Driving through Mexico