Belize-January 9 to 23-April 8 to 15


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January 9   Chetumal to Belize City

Roads a lot of sugar cane and here we are: Belize City

January 10   Belize city: "Live and let live!"

People are extra friendly. So what if if the sidewalks have a few holes...
or the neighbour is not a handyman? Just relax... and tell it like it is...

January 11   Belize City to San Ignacio, very short trip

Only two hours lots of fruit trees and I bought Birkenstocks...

January 12   San Ignacio is very small but now they found oil and are exporting it...

So these may be the last photos of San Ignacio as a quaint, quiet place.

January 13   Cahal Pech - Mayan ruins in San Ignacio

3000 years ago people built, nature reclaimed its soil... When will she reclaim it again?...

January 14   Still here...nothing to report, my camera has no batteries...I've just bought  a battery charger. Right now I am waiting for them to get recharged!

January 15   Best places in San Ignacio

Casa Blanca  - wonderful hotel Hannah restaurant, perfect food  

January 16   We went sightseeing...

Caracol, another Mayan site I love the Ceibas,
these gigantic trees are amazing Pine beetle killed most on the pines

January 17 and 18   Same old same old!! Just living!

January 19   Medicine trail in Belize,  the Mayan healing is fascinating...

The sign says it all... Among many..  Pata de Vaca treats headaches
Snake plant helps to control diabetes   Wild Yam natural contraceptive

January 20   Raining again. It is warm and the whole place feels sleepy and timeless.

January 21   Still raining.

January 22   Well... still raining so we might move on...

January 23   Last day in San Ignacio and the constant rain.

finally flooded the streets Hotel entrance


On the way back to Canada - April 8 to 15

April 8   San Ignacio, Belize. see January 12

April 9   San Ignacio to Punta Gorda

April 10   Punta Gorda is a great little town.

No real beaches but "interesting" architecture and really huge satellites.

April 11-12   We drove from Punta Gorda to Placencia

Old photo from Costa Rica Road to Placencia crosses a runway and voila! Placencia.

April 13-14   Placencia Beach is the best so far.

Clean beaches, warm and calm sea.  

April 15   Corozal, Belize

More water!! No sandy beaches and very quiet.