Guatemala-January 24 to 27-April 5 to 7


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January 24  We drove to Rio Dulce,  Guatemala.

Belize - Guatemala border On the Guatemala side The sky looked ominous
Quiet everywhere even the pigs were asleep very patient vultures...
Then the sun came out... Here we are: Rio Dulce The main street
A public toilet An Internet Cafe Plastic flamingoes
Boats at our hotel   and Canadians everywhere!!!

January 25   We drove from Rio Dulce, through Guatemala City directly to Antigua.

Good roads Sarita's restaurant first sight of Guatemala City
there is the flag 10 minutes of traffic jam and out again...

January 26   An earthquake flattened Antigua in 1976.

Ruins of an old church. Advertisements are not allowed. This old church is a hospital nowadays
Public tanks for washing clothes. A coffee plant and a milk fountain?
The volcanoes in the area are somewhat quiet, but one was rumbling last week...

January 27   Chiquimula, Guatemala. Almost in Honduras... To the ruins of Copan

Nothing very interesting, common streets, a mixture of old and new.

On the way back to Canada - April 5 to 7

April 5   Rio Dulce, Guatemala, see January 25 and Flores

April 6-7   Tikal, Guatemala. So far the best Mayan site.